August 12, 2015
We support your business is many ways and taking over routine operations so that your focus can be on sales, operations, and delivering your products and services on time.

We can take over the responsibility of the preparation and timely invoicing of clients. Some large project invoices and payments need to be reconciled to get an accurate picture of the current status.

Contract Support
We help you draft, review, and follow the terms of a contract which is vital for any organization. A well-drafted contract can protect all parties and some contracts may specify payment milestones which need to be adhered to. We make sure you understand the terms of the agreement that you are accepting as well as establishing your own terms of sale.

Tracking Receivables and Payables
Following up with customers regarding payments is very important because it increases communication and transparency. We make sure statements are generated and that customer follow-ups are done in a timely fashion to avoid delinquencies.

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