August 12, 2015
Once we get embedded in your operation, other issues may come to light that may hinder your growth and efficiency. Thinking from a system’s perspective, we try to solve issues with a long-term perspective in mind. We can design and implement solutions as well as support you in other ways.

Resolving tax notices
Tax notices need quick and accurate resolution which usually require reconciliations of various accounts and communication with the taxing authority. We have experience in resolving numerous tax notices such as discrepancies between Social Security Administration and IRS data, payroll discrepancies, and payments mis-applied by the tax authorities.

Designing and implementing QuickBooks solutions and processes
From server deployment that support multiple users to simpler desktop and online implementations, we devise a solution that suits your needs. Once the software is running, we setup and organize your Chart of Accounts so that it meets your needs for tracking and reporting. We can set up your items and class lists for tracking on multiple levels. These steps need careful planning and thought because this lays the foundation of your financial reporting. We advise and assist every step of the way to make sure this is done correctly.

Technology Solutions and Training
Small businesses need to find cost-effective solutions to get the job done. We can recommend solutions that fit your needs. This can range from solving a networking issues and tutorials to designing a database or a network capable of scaling to meet your long-term needs.

One-time Reconciliations
Some large projects can become so complex with numerous sub-projects that it helps to trace all transactions and come up with a final summary document that can clarify the matter.

Many issues can be clarified with some preliminary investigation. It is important to know what questions should be asked.

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